ZineWriMo Days 27-29

When your zine cat knows you’ve had a rough weekend…

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends! I hope this Monday finds you well. As you may have already noticed, I wasn’t able to put up a Happy Mail Monday today. It has been a full on day with appointments and things. It’s late in the afternoon, and I’m still going strong with my to-do list. The recent changes in border restrictions here in Australia led to a lot of changes I needed to make personally, all of which have been very time consuming.

I plan on doing Happy Mail Monday tomorrow, but I need to leave a little wiggle room with that due to another appointment tomorrow. I am hoping that, after this week, I will have a completely normal and mundane month of December.

That said, let’s get on with ZineWriMo!

Make a Zine – Awesome People – Make a zine for a friend

I love it when a mini-zine idea (or any creative idea, really) just comes together in my head without taking too much thought. When the inspiration just flows onto the page with the various art supplies. That’s definitely what happened with this one.

“Sometimes It Just Happens” is for someone very special in my life (who will get a zine name as soon as I can find the right one). Neither of us expected the impact we had on each other or each other’s lives, and it has been absolutely beautiful. I knew instantly for whom I would be making this zine, and I know they will love it as much as I loved making it for them.

Refill the Well – Brainstorms & Thought Gardens 2 – Write down ideas for the months to come

In my Done, Doing, Dreaming video, I talked about having a planner for my permanent bullet journal collections. This includes a page for my zine ideas…

Even though I have that page, I decided to make a spread in my day to day bullet journal anyway. I love any reason to use some beautiful stickers, and it’s always good to have a notebook or even just some paper around to catch ideas. And I almost always have my day to day journal near.

I took this pic before I wrote any ideas down, obviously, but I am writing ideas down in different colours that go along with the flower stickers. Love it!

Mini-Zine Kit – Create a how to make a mini-zine kit for someone

And here we are, caught up once more, dear friends. Unfortunately, this day was a bit of a fail to me. As I’m now finishing typing this, it’s well and truly evening. I wasn’t able to put together a mini-zine kit for anyone today. I did, however, send some friends home with an ‘introduction to zines’ pack of sorts earlier this month. So I’m going to count that towards today. Haha. Spread the zine love!

I would absolutely love seeing any kits anyone else created! I’m thinking a mini-zine blank, some stickers, maybe washi samples, and a pen or pencil… Ideas, ideas.


That is it for me today. We are very nearing the end of ZineWriMo this year! It went by so quickly and with so many unexpected twists and turns. I am looking forward to checking out people’s wrap ups in the next few days.


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