Call for Submissions: Elegies for Hallownest

Seeking poetry submissions for a poetry fanzine inspired by the world and characters of Hollow Knight!

Hollow Knight is a game that’s lore and dialogue reads like poetry and that’s storytelling leaves lots of space for speculation.

Elegies for Hallownest is a community project that seeks to gather work from writers who have been inspired by the game’s aesthetics, themes, characters, lore, environment, and dialogue.

Your work can take any aspect of the game for inspiration, so long as you can picture yourself stumbling across it within the world of the game, on a lore tablet or in a wanderer’s journal (though, if your piece gets a little more meta, please still send it in, I’d love to see if we can make it work).

Poetry is defined as broadly as possible; your work can be as structured or unstructured, rhyming or discordant, stanza-based or prosaic as you’d like.

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