Zine Review: It’s Odd.

It’s Odd.
4 pages (one-page mini)

It’s Odd is a full-colour, one-page mini-zine about the mixed feelings that come with a diagnosis that confirms things you long suspected.

It’s Odd opens right into things with, “It’s odd, knowing you were right” accompanied by a drawing of Latibule (with snail characteristics as seen on the cover). From there, we read about Latibule always knowing she was different and experienced the world in a different way.

The text is accompanied by Latibule’s art, which I love. There’s so much emotion conveyed in the drawings that was so easy for me to pick up her feelings and empathise.

This is a lovely little mini that beautifully explores that strange and almost indescribable feeling of being proven right about news that one has to come to terms with. It seems like such a complicated thing – something I have pondered many times in my own life – and yet Latibule expresses that ‘odd’ feeling so well.

Definitely pick up a copy.

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