Done, Doing, Dreaming – May 2022

Hello friends! Grab you hot or cool drink, settle in, and let’s chat. Today I’m relaxing and talking about some changes to Missives mail outs, setting up a Ko-Fi, how I’m still dreaming about the podcast returning, spoonie life, and more.

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4 Replies to “Done, Doing, Dreaming – May 2022”

  1. I loved this video! I smiled so much throughout it. It makes me happy to hear what you’re up to these days.
    I totally agree with you about Etsy. It’s these frustrating issues that finally made me decide to close my shop at the end of July 2022. I just don’t see the point of keeping it open, seeing as I rarely make any sales anyway. I wrote a post about it on my blog recently if you’d like to read it, called “Drop the Shop”.
    I’m so happy to hear that you’re writing again! It’s always great to get back into the groove of it – writing, art-making, creating, zinestering…
    I’ve also been thinking of starting a vlog of sorts, but I kinda hate my voice and I’m not crazy about my face (I do love my face-mask). This is why I always prefer writing. I feel much more at ease and feel more open when I write than when I speak.
    And no, you’re not weird about leaving the tea bag in the tea. My husband thinks I’m weird for throwing it out shortly after it’s in there, so there’s that side of things too. LOL!

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    1. I will definitely check out that post (very late as per usual me), as I’m not selling much of anything there either, and the listing fees make it make less and less sense.

      I need to make a whole podcast (I’m getting deja vu, so maybe I’ve said this before?) about podcasting and vlogging. It definitely takes a while to get used to (or I rather think just go numb) to hearing your own voice and seeing your own face so much. I used to hate the process so, so much, but I eventually settled into it.

      Haha! Tea yin and yang. ^_^


  2. Oh and also, I just noticed that one of the letters I sent you is posted on the wall behind you. I recognized it because it’s on a stationary I designed! And also my business card. That’s so cool! 😀

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    1. Awww, I didn’t realise I hadn’t told you. You’re definitely up there! I love the stationery and that you designed it. ^_^


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