Call for Submissions: Porch Beers Press Mix Issue 1

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“Hey Porch Beer Drinkers! Since its inception, I have wanted to make Porch Beers Press something bigger than myself. One such project is going to come to fruition in 2023 (details in the upcoming months). However, I’d love to test the waters and see who all is out there that might be a good fit.

I came up with the idea of the Porch Beers Press Mix, inspired heavily by the Hello America seasonal compilations and the literary mags and underground newspapers I read in my youth. Without further ado…. the details:

Porch Beers Press Mix
Issue 1: The Art of Drowning

Take your inspiration from the Billy Collins poem “The Art of Drowning.” Take it from the title, or the concept, or a turn of phrase. Or hell, don’t take it at all, I’m not a cop.

Here are your limits:

Prose/nonfiction: 1000 words
Poetry: no more than three poems totaling 1000 words together
Artwork/photography/comics: able to fit 5.5′ X 8.5′ and 300 DPI (final product will be in black and white)
Anything else: email me for details

Please include a 2-3 sentence short bio as well with your piece.

Contributors will receive a physical copy of the final zine. Deadline for your contribution is April 1, 2023. Email any finished pieces or questions to with the subject line “Issue 1 submission.”

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