Zine Review: Let’s Go To Space!

Lets Go to Space

Title: Let’s Go to Space!
Author: ?
Type: 1/4 page
Author Site(s): ?

Review: The thing about not having any sort of contact details whatsoever – or even an author name – is that you have people like me who often forget where they got their zines… So it goes.

So, I have no idea who made this, when it was made, or even when I received it. I can say pretty firmly that I didn’t buy this one, given the lack of price sticker and the fact that space isn’t really my theme. At least, not in this context. It’s a bit silly and fun as the author examines what it takes to go into space. But the text is a little light on and, while zines are often smashed together, this one is almost a little too smashed together.

Basically, it looks like it was put together in five minutes, and that doesn’t help.

STATUS: For Trade

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