Happy Mail Monday

Hello, hello, hello!

I know the halls have been quiet around this joint for way too long, but that’s what you get with me sometimes. Welcome to all the joys of the Bipolar rollercoaster. And on to it!

2015-04-13 15.51.03

I’ve always said that you have to send mail to receive it, and that has certainly worked for me this week. With the additional point of ordering things online being an option to get more mail. 😉 I sent out a few RAKs last week and am loving being back in the midst of mail.


I received two lovely bits of mail – one a letter from the States (side note: I love it when people know that they can pick up/drop off penpalling with me because I’m the same way; I don’t get worked up about prompt sending) with someone who found me (or I found?) on SendSomething.net The other bit is a zine! Yay for zine mail. This one I received as a thank you for putting up a call for submissions. That’s not a requirement by any means. Zippity Zinedra Press wanted to send it along.


Stationery! I do have a touch of an addiction to stationery. I lurve it a lot, but my wallet doesn’t often encourage this love. Thanks be to lovely people on Etsy selling their lovely items for reasonable prices.

I don’t usually do ‘haul’ pictures, but how adorable is this:


Love your postie. Haha.

Like the look of these? Then check out Sticker Paradise on Etsy.

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