Zine Review: Fat-tastic! 2


Fat-tastic 1
1/2 fold (US)

Last week, I reviewed Fat-tastic 1, so click on that name if you’d like to check out that review.

The next best thing to reading a good zine is seeing a good zine evolve over multiple editions. While this is a transition from 1 to 2, it’s still a transition. The zine itself hasn’t grown a huge amount, but the content inside has expanded. There is an interview, more art and poetry, a letter… Fat-tastic 2 will appeal to many different crowds by embracing the different forms of expression.

Though I must say, something about the middle spread image makes it my favourite of the lot.

Sage doesn’t proclaim herself some body-positive guru or anything like that. She fully admits that she is still learning to accept her body, love herself, and treat herself well. To me, her admitting the vulnerability of ‘still learning’ (instead of ‘I’m an expert!’) is the number one reason I’m eager to dive into Fat-Tastic 3.

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