Zine Review: Summer Goals List


Summer Goals List
Sarah McNeil

I’m not sure if I’m trying to be ironic or if I’m really missing summer in the midst of a dreary end of July (so sick of winter) by reading and reviewing this zine. Then again, how could I resist such lovely bright colours!

This is where I apologise for my absolutely shocking photography because I have done absolutely no justice to the striking colours of this zine. The first thing I notice about Summer Goals List is the fact that it’s a list zine (fangirl squee). But the second is definitely the vivid colours. Wowza.


See, I’m still not doing it justice. Get a copy so you can check it out.

With a zine like Summer Goals List, I think you have to appreciate the subtle things. At least, that’s how I looked at it. You would think a list is a list, but there were so many ways that people approached this. I love the variety. From simplicity to complexity, from things to get done to things to see… There is a variety that I didn’t expect.

I do have to mention that some of the lists were a touch hard to read. Nothing that got it kicked out of my forever collection, but enough to warrant a mention.

One extra little spesh thing is this:


I feel pretty cool when I know that I have one of only X number of copies or if I know I have a zine from the first print run.

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