Cool Post Alert: Why We Make Zines

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It is the last day of July – the last day of IZM . Some of us got a lot done and some of us did a few activities. What is important is we all celebrated the love of zines. I tried a few new techniques, released a new zine, shared my zines and thought of new zine ideas!

On this last day I wanted to share the varied responses to the question: why do you make zines? Throughout the years I have gotten to know so many zine makers from different scenes and I find the only thing connecting us at times is a zine. But zines make a strong bonding glue!

Why I make zines: zines are my voice when I do not feel like I want to communicate with others. It is a way to reach out, share my ideas and have a voice from the comfort of my house. I started reading/making/contributing to goth zines in the 90s. It took me awhile to make my own – I had to get over some insecurities (something I still battle with) and just do it!

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