Zine Review: By the Skin of My Teeth Issue Two

By the Skin of My Teeth 2

By the Skin of My Teeth Issue One

My review of By the Skin of My Teeth Issue One is here if you’d like to have a peek.

On behalf of my friend Wing Nut, I have to say thank you for the big, easy-to-read typing. Hehe. I like all sorts, but it’s always nice to have something that’s easy on the eyes.

On to the good stuff! This zine continues on Sarah’s journey regarding mental health, but in this zine she shifts her focus to self-help and self-soothing. I always appreciate information about self-soothing because it’s something that I struggle with. Beyond that I like to see zine series that grow and expand organically from their original content.

She starts off talking about what has happened and is happening in her life, but then she moves into the big techniques for calming. I say big mostly because they are the ‘popular’ ones that weren’t new to me. But then she gets into more personal things like her favourite television shows and the different stuffed animals she uses on different occasions. It was at that point that I felt the ‘per’ part of ‘perzine’ really shined.

In and of itself, it didn’t grab me as very intense or informative (keeping in mind that I’ve been working on this sort of stuff for years), but as part of the series, it works. I’m curious to see where she goes in the next zine.

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