Zine Review: ‘Bots Is ‘Bots 3

Bots Is Bots 3

‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Three

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When I got my hands on the ‘Bots is ‘Bots zines, I considered writing about the series as a whole in one review. But this one is the one that made me decide that they all need their own review.

Of all the ‘Bots is ‘Bots comics I’ve read so far (admittedly, only three), this is my favourite issue. It has so much wordplay in it, and I love wordplay. Seeing it in comic form makes it even more fun. Where the first two issues seemed to have pretty solid themes, this one looks like it’s taking the piss out of itself. Having some fun and a laugh at the expense of the strangeness of life and the English language.

In each issue there is a part one/part two comic that ‘sandwiches’ all the rest of the content. That strip? Just keeps getting funnier.

I’ve mentioned before that I like seeing how a zine series can grow and change over time. I didn’t think there was anything missing from this series, but I’m happy to see some variety injected into it in the form of a (robot) movie review.

I’m looking forward to seeing where things go.

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