Zine Review: Wiseblood #62

wiseblood 62

Wiseblood 62

Today’s review is brought to you by an early morning run to the dental hospital for Wanderer’s emergency, followed by a very long day.

How much do you love this cover? I wish I’d had time to take a better photo, because it’s excellent.

Before I get into the content of this zine, I want to mention how cool it is to see a zine that is on issue 62. Last week I reviewed issue 37, and that was impressive in and of itself. But 62? I only just finished Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2.

The Wiseblood website says “A Zine Since 1984”. It’s strange and wonderful to think about how this zine series has been going longer than I have been alive.


Many zines on, and Fishspit still has a stream of consciousness style of writing that picks you up and carries you along (if you’re willing to go along). He still hasn’t lost his knack for being potentially offensive. His first piece is about smoking, and his third piece does start with the sentence “I hate babies”.

His views, his sense of humour… It’s so different from the current youth generation. For better and worse, it’s a wake-up smack in the face sort of thing at times with a dash of seriousness when you don’t expect it.

It might not be quite so black and white as I see it, but I still reckon it’s a love it or hate it sort of zine.

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