Mini-Zine Review: On Self-Motivation by Kathy Sarpi

On Self-Motivation

On Self-Motivation
Kathy Sarpi

Hello, zine I bought on first sight! Sometimes, you just know about a zine, and I just knew about this zine when I saw it on sale at Festival of the Photocopier.

No regrets whatsoever, and we have another lovely addition to my ‘forever keeps’ zine pile. Lurve.

I love the art style in this zine. On Self-Motivation really tempted me to break my ‘no pictures of the insides’ rule in regard to zines. Luck is with us, however, in that I have no such qualms for posting awesome little pictures that happen to be on the back cover.

Kathy Audrey

Kathy’s style reminds me of graphic novels I used to read when I was younger – the Boneville series, I think it was called. I’ll probably look back and see that they’re nothing alike, but what I’m trying to get at is I love the combination of thick lines and thin details coming together to create something that manages to look so fluid. Everything is sort of round and squishy.

Given the content of the zine (self-doubt, fear of failure), I think it’s perfect. Whenever I am having a bad day or am on the cusp losing it in some way, I always describe it as ‘melting into a puddle’. Thus the art is perfect in a subtle sort of way. Plus the message itself is a beautifully simple one that we creatives need to hear. Sometimes often.

Anyway, all up?

I want to give this zine to all of my friends who create to remind them that we all doubt.

(Plus, I should keep this on my desk at all times to battle on my behalf with the Doubt Monster.)

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