Mini-Zine Review: Mini-Moss: Log / Mini-Moss: Dognapped

Mini Moss LogMini Moss Dognapped

Mini-Moss: Log / Mini-Moss: Dognapped
Tegan Elizabeth / Becky Nosiara

I know it’s April 1st, so Mini-Zine March is over, but I didn’t want to have this Friday all on its own without a mini-zine. Plus, I really wanted to squeeze this one in as part of the MZM stuff.

I received this zine in trade at the Festival of the Photocopier. The idea of a science fiction zine intrigued me, and the fact it was a mini-split-zine made it all that more appealing. There’s always something a little special about split zines, and I like it when they split it by putting one part in one direction and the other in the opposite direction (reading one means the other is upside down).

Plus, to completely judge a zine by (one of) its cover(s), how could I pass up a bourbon bottle floating in space?

As for the actual stories, you can check out excerpts on the Etsy listing.

Log was a great example of how, in short stories, you can tell such a massive story in fewer words. The implications and the references were used well in that they told a lot without being confusing. Beyond that, though, is the concept of anxiety in space. I’ve read it before, but this was more… my kind of anxiety. In space. I wish I was more articulate so I could express the difference. Anyway, I quite liked it.

Dognapped was quite a funny piece. “Completely starkers.” I love the phrase so much and had an out-loud giggle when I read it. I’m not quite sure what else to say about it for fear of spoiling it.

The best part? How these two stories relate to each other. I almost wish I could wipe my memory to find out what it would be like to read Dognapped before Log so I can find out how the influence of feelings would go if read in the opposite order.

My only little bugbear with this is that there is no contact information. Nary a URL to be found. With zines, you never know for sure if that’s intentional, but I’m a lazy fangirl. I like to be pointed in the right direction.

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