Quiet Day for Zine Making

Quiet Zine Day

My live isn’t exactly loud and exciting, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the quiet times.

I’ve cut a magazine into ribbons and taken my first voyage into more traditional cut and paste. I’ve certainly done cut and paste – that’s how zines are made – but this is the first time I’ve made actual collage-from-magazine-cuttings backgrounds for pages.

These pages are for a project I’m working on with my friend, who recently decided her zine name is Dark Wolf. She’s been devouring my zines and others, and she was inspired to make zines of her own. For the first one, though, we’re working together.

I’ve brought her over to the zine side. Mwhahahahaha.

In other news, I’m a mere $39 away from hitting my Kickstarter goal, so I am soooo looking forward to getting ink and paper later this week. (Of course I’ll make it! Never give up. Never surrender.)

One I’m printing and sewing again, I’ll feel better. At the moment I just feel a little bit weird with everything ready to go but for the supplies. But it’ll be fantastic to hit the ground running.


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