Cranky Pants & Getting Down to Business

I don’t like putting my cranky pants on, but sometimes I do without realising it…

Things have been a little unplanned around here with things like a sudden flatmate moving in, the Kickstarter campaign, and working on my next novel.

Tomorrow will mark four weeks since the new flatmate moved in. Even in the best of times, someone moving into your space is bound to be stressful. I think we’re doing pretty well, but my mental health has been having a bit of a rough ride with it all.

I’m still so thrilled about the success over the Kickstarter. I was geared up and ready to… wait. Turns out that it takes two weeks for everything to be processed. Oops. I’m not a stop-start kind of worker, so the delay threw me a bit.

And the novel. The novel. Plotting…

Writer's Desk

This is the mess of the early days. It’s grown. a lot.

In Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2, I talked about letting fears stop my creativity. A big part of that was not releasing a novel last year. The anxiety built and built… Well, I’m facing those fears now and plotting out the next book.

Having a bunch of people, places and events running around in my head is actually a pretty peaceful place for me to be mentally. But then the doubt monsters creep in.

And my cranky pants come on.

At least Zine Ninja always keeps his cool.

Zine Ninja Friendship Bracelets

Sporting a couple lovely friendship bracelets I won in a giveaway from Grey Sky Boy

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