Zine Review: Wanderluster #1

Wanderluster 1 Zine

Wanderluster Volume #1

I love zines. I love mail. You know I had to check this one out.

Wanderluster Volume #1 is a full-colour zine featuring a variety of postcards from around the world. Wanderluster is a member of the worldwide postcard exchange site PostCrossing. The bias for me comes in the form that I was a member of PostCrossing, so I think there is a level of enjoyment I would have reached had I not been familiar with the site or concept.

The cover is a little plain, but the red and blue striped washi on the bottom and air mail sticker at the top leave you with no doubts as to what this zine is about. Kudos to Wanderluster for going full colour with this. While the theme – introductions – enjoyment isn’t reliant on there being colour, the visual (postcards) enjoyment is much more in colour than it would have been in black and white. I enjoyed looking at all the different postcards and the stamps as well.

Admittedly, I couldn’t read some of the handwriting on a couple of the postcards, but that wasn’t a huge hold up by any means (and isn’t really something Wanderluster could have done anything about anyway). I liked seeing how people around the world chose to introduce themselves when given such limited space to write in.

The fact that Wanderluster’s address changes a couple times gave a little scope on the time it must have taken to put this all together – a small detail Wanderluster probably didn’t even think about.

The next editions in the series have themes (so far: #2 Exciting Moments and #3 Food), which I think will make the zines even more fun.

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