Zine Review: Hand It Over #1

Hand It Over Zine

Hand It Over #1
WDKING, Ella King, Louie Joyce

Everything has been going wrong today – internet, computer, printer… even my office chair broke in three ways – so it was nice to give the arvo a one-finger salute and sit down with Hand It Over.

I received this zine in trade at Festival of the Photocopier (this is how ‘fast’ reviewing goes when I only do two reviews a week) from the one and only @budzine (Instagram).

Hand It Over #1 is a zine of variety with a comic – split into two parts – an interview, a shop review, and other things. While one piece did poke at adults with colouring books (who says colouring is just for kids? haha), I love a tongue-in-cheek prod as much as the next person. (If you can’t laugh at yourself…)

I have to say that the comic was my favourite part of the zine. Not only did it have the split (something I enjoy from my newspaper-reading days), but the message was exactly what I was hoping it would be. The pages that followed the ending were funny in a dry, wry way.

The interview was on the short and sweet side in both questions and answers, which I really liked. I’m a big fan of interviews, but most of them drag out too long.

Hand It Over combines things I like about newspapers/magazines – the variety of content, the type of content, the ‘find more on page X’ that I like in newspapers – but keeps to the cut and past zine style.

Plus, I’ve always been a fan of all caps and small caps. +1 readability

I hope to see it expand for even more variety – more interviews, comics, etc – and take advantage of the white space on the interior covers and back cover. I can see this easily growing into a thicker and thicker zines with all sorts of content inside.

I feel like this is a great beginning for what could turn into a long-lasting zine series.

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