No Place Like Home

If you follow me on Instagram (@seagreenzines), you’ll know that Wanderer and I took a quick drive over the border into South Australia. To talk about building a house.


I haven’t wanted to say much about because I’m a pessimist at heart or, at least, a cautious realist. A home of my own is something that I’ve wanted for a very long time. I certainly never felt ‘at home’ while I was growing up, and renting doesn’t exactly grant the one the flexibility to make a place feel like home. So there is certainly a lot of emotion tied up in this possibility.

But we went, we got the ball rolling (and the paperwork shoved in the right direction), and now we wait for a few weeks to find out if we can do what we’re hoping to do.

Crossing fingers.

4 Replies to “No Place Like Home”

  1. man . . . that’s your cat?! jesus my cat is so much more adorable than yours. man! if you met my cat you’d forget you even had one. he’d become a throw rug . . . because all you could understand was that this being (my cat pip) is like the most precious thing in the entire universe.
    fuck your cat . . .
    mines better!
    selling out are you? buying a house? what’s next? joining the golf club? 19th hole with the society ladies? man nyx . . . you’ve let me down . . . the maker of my favorite zine. i guess i won’t see cupcake anymore . . . . you’ll be out getting your hair done and the fra-loo-loo hair design . . . 1500 dollars a clip. now more cup-cake . . . zines are for losers . . . that’s what you’ll be telling those high fashion broads you’ll be swingin’ with. jesus.
    man . . . i knew you’d sell out!
    man . . . i’m crying . . . and i don’t like to cry in front of a woman.
    appreciate this goddamned e-mail because i feel a bad depression coming on and i might hide under the covers for a few days.
    sell out!


      1. i don’t understand why your pushing all this goddamned “anonymous” bullshit and i can’t find stuff about “cupcake #3” . . . i’ve read it so many times i got it memorized. you know . . . . your the kind of broad that really gives me a pain . . . but somehow you got the suss. i have laughed a thousand times at “idiot of the day.”
        get “cupcake #3” out there!
        i just can’t figure out this “things about which we shall not speak” . . . must be a chick thing.


        1. Okay, okay. I hear you. More attention to cupcakes. Haha.

          “Things About Which We Shall Not Speak” is a letter about one of those awful things in life that happens sometimes that we pretend isn’t happening…


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