Zine Review: Things I’ve Learnt From Moving To/Living In Melbourne

Things I've Learnt From Moving to Living in Melbourne Zine

Things I’ve Learnt From Moving To/Living In Melbourne
Lydia Martin

As someone who has started over, I have a special place in my heart for stories of moving to new places and the lessons learned from it. That’s why Things I’ve Learnt From Moving To/Living In Melbourne is a zine I picked up based on title alone…

Hey, it happens. Hehe.

As you may have guessed, this zine is filled with reflections on life living in the big smoke – put in numbered list form, which is a big plus to we list lovers. Lydia talks about the money, the people, the shift in thinking, and the students – oh, the students! (They’re everywhere…)

I love that that the first thing on Lydia’s list is:

I’m not as scared as I thought I’d be.

I identify so utterly with her when she writes about how so many of her protests regarding moving to Melbourne were based in fear. She really hits it when she encourages readers not to let their fears stand in there way. And while she may put one foot on a soap box, she doesn’t go into a lecture about it.

Number three on the list

There’s always so much to do in Melbourne, you feel lazy when you don’t do anything.

struck a chord with me as well. I may not live in Melbourne, but there is often so much happening in Bendigo… I enjoyed identifying with so much in a zine that I thought might be a little Melbourne-centric.

Lydia not all caution and ‘things I’ve learned the hard way’. There are positives, fun things, and I can’t think of a better note to end on than the one she chose, but I won’t spoil it…

All up, I think this is a great read whether you have anything to do with Melbourne or not. It’s about striking out on your own and figuring out a new place, and I think there are plenty of people hot there who can identify with that.

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