Zine Review: Why Am I Even Here?

Why Am I Even Here Zine

Why Am I Even Here?

When you only review two zines a week, you can still be reviewing zines from trades made in February… 😉

I met Tegan thanks to Bloomurder, and she was kind enough to trade me a couple of her zines.

Why Am I Even Here? is a travel zine, but not like any I have read before. (Admittedly, I haven’t read a lot of travel zines.) Rather than a step-by-step or ‘go here and do this’ sort of travel zine, it’s more introspective – even poetic. Passing thoughts while exploring the world without the intense focus on the place itself. Rather, the focus on the experience of the place. One line in particular hit me in such a way that I stopped to think about it for a while.

…I hate it when people stare and ruin perfect moments with their eyes.

There is a delicacy that carries through her words into every aspect of the zine. Her handwriting and even the simplicity of her biggest illustrations give this entire zine the feeling of something akin to shyness.

The best simile I can think of is that this zine is like a flower – don’t come crashing in and expecting a backpacker’s guide. If you’d like something to sit with and think about with a few landmarks to place you, then pick up this zine.

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