Posting Possibilities

There’s something so utterly right about alliteration. For me, anyway.


Calls for submissions! They go up on Saturdays and Sundays here on the blog, and it’s usually only one or two per day.

September seems to be the time of year when people are really getting going with making zines. A bunch of new calls for submissions have come in, and I’m loving it. It is leaving me wondering, though…

How many posts per day is too many?

I want to feature all calls regularly, but I’m aware that some people are subscribed here via email. The more calls that go up on a given day, the more emails that email subscribers have to deal with.

Granted, this is only a potential ‘problem’ for a while. Many calls end at the end of this month, and others end at the end of October. I’m thinking that having a big weekend this weekend for calls for subs will be okay, and then I’ll try to spread them out as evenly as possible while still getting everyone posted regularly.

Still, I’m wondering if I should cap it at three per day. Four? Six? I’m not sure.

Thoughts? Preferences?

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