Guest Zine Review!: Don’t Call Me Cupcake #5 Reviewed by Fishspit

Don't Call Me Cupcake Title

A Review of “Don’t Call Me Cupcake” #5 by Fishspit

Good golly Miss Molly! Cupcake has done it again! Giving us another fascinating glance into her bazaar persona in “Don’t Call Me Cupcake” #5! Let’s begin with her little ditty “The Night My Heart Broke.” Stories of a person’s dark night of the soul can often result in complete duds . . . boring us with their self-righteousness and self-importance . . . or . . . they can strike awe in our hearts with the unfathomableness of such an experience. From Byron to Beelzebub (as reported in Milton) I have searched out such stories all my life . . . and I’m here to report that Cupcake’s account is one of the finest I have read. From the destitution of her poor little soul, to her stand against her bedevilments (with resulting resilience) this story has got the suss! No candy-ass pussy-footing here! It’s an intense story . . . a tiny holocaust . . . much to be admired that it would be shared.

You will bounce like a ping pong ball through Cupcake’s extreme neuroticism (“the broccoli mountain” and “liar liar”) into her love of writing . . . into her being cheeky enough to let us know what her 30 year old self would tell her 20 year old self . . . then whappo (!) Back to more neuroticism. She’s funny, nihilistic, passionate, and completely cracked. I am not a reviewer . . . nor am I person who would associate with this sort of weirdo (it’s quite obvious that Cupcake is a bluestocking, and I’ve always found this kind of broad insufferable to be around) . . . so! So! When I say this zine is absolutely delightful (and a must read) you can trust me on this. I ain’t shy about telling when a zine is a snoozer

. . . when I tell you all that this zine is the smash . . . it ain’t to be taken lightly.

P.S. I hope that Cupcake will tell us in #6 why the 30 year old Nyx would tell the 20 year old Nyx to not introduce Wanderer (that’s her “bloke” as she calls him) to Facebook.

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