Call Out for Guest Zine Reviews + Guest Posts

If you’ve just popped in here, I won’t make you read past posts for context.

Wanderer, my husband, went to emergency on Monday and ended up getting surgery for a ruptured and abscessed appendix that night. The next morning, he was in great spirits. He was making great progress already drinking water and juice, and he was talking about getting out early.

Tuesday afternoon, things started taking a turn, and he had to go back on IV fluids. I won’t go into the other details, but they’re not sure what’s wrong, and a second surgery is a very real possibility. He’s in a lot of pain and is exhausted.

I was able to visit him a little earlier today, but this morning was very painful and terrifying for him. He doesn’t like me to sit there when he sleeps, so I respected his wishes and left so he could rest.

While I have the time – at the time I’m writing this – I simply do not have the mind for much of anything, let alone zine reviews. All I can seem to think about or write about is him. He could be in the hospital for weeks.

Here is my call out:

If you have a zine review or would like to write one, I will post it here. It doesn’t matter if you’re reviewing something I’ve already reviewed or if you’ve never reviewed before. I’m flexible with pretty much every aspect. But if you work well with parameters:

*100 – 400+ words
*An image of the zine you’re reviewing (you don’t have to have an image with guest post(s))
*If you want to share a guest post, just make sure it’s zine related. Even if you’re talking about how you found zines.
*Up to five posts, so you can do a multi-part series if you like
*Sign off with your name/pseudonym and any URLs you want to share
*Email the lot to theauthor(at)
*I make no promises about email response times, but I will do my best


**Saturday and Sunday posts were already scheduled, so they will remain the same as always**

**You can still send calls for submissions, but please don’t be disappointed if they are urgent, and I don’t get to them in time.**

2 Replies to “Call Out for Guest Zine Reviews + Guest Posts”

  1. don’t fret. don’t worry. I know god personally and I will make her (she’s a big mama cat you know) aware of the situation. I am very very good at prayer. he will be healed in short time. all you can do is breathe and let everything take care of itself. I give you my guarantee that he will be fine.
    I had to come out of hibernation to get cigarettes . . . so I will (gladly!) write a review of cupcake #5. you have a strange little woman living in your head nyx. keep trucking and be particularly reverent of Azimov . . . god likes that. bless your wonderful nyx heart.
    fishspit out.

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