Done, Doing, Dreaming – Holiday Edition

I didn’t mean to take a day off yesterday, but time got away from me – as it tends to do.


I’ve been preoccupied mostly by my beautiful boy, Asimov. The op that was supposed to make him better last month simply didn’t, and we are waiting on news of when his next op will be and whether the vet will allow us a payment plan. I feel rotten even thinking about money when my little boo is quite obviously so utterly miserable.


I’ve already started prep work for Festival of the Photocopier 2017. It’s a little hard to concentrate on with everything else, but it’s also a wonderful place to go in my mind. To create something I care about.

*~_*~_*~_~*_~*December at Sea Green Zines*~_*~_*~_~*_~*

The holidays can be a dicey time for a number of different reasons. Wanderer and I sort of ‘do’ the holidays in that we get some good movies, eat some good food, and enjoy each other’s company. We both come from toxic families and are ‘divorced’ from them, and the holidays can be harsh reminders.

We have managed to purge our lives of the people who liked to try to shame us into communicating with our biological relations at this time of year.

Our friends understand that my anxiety makes it difficult for me to accept invitations to parties and such, even now going so far ask asking when my ‘hibernation’ starts and trying to plan around it. (I have amazing friends.)

As far as SGZ is concerned, things will flow on as they’ve ever flowed. Reviews on Thursdays and Fridays, calls for submissions on Saturdays and Sundays. I may put up a little holiday something, but that’s only because it’s so adorable.

While I’m not sure if it’s necessary, I did want to mention that. I love how much people love and get into this time of year, and I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about it. Nor do I want anyone to pity me and Wanderer because a few days of gluttony and sloth is nothing to be pitied. (Bring on the bubbles!) I only want people to know that if you’re in a similar position – or even if you’re not – you can count on Sea Green Zines to keep rolling on as ever.

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      1. Know how that feels – our family dog spend the first 13 years of his life in perfect health and then in his last year got diabetes, went blind and suffered from arthritis. The sudden change in health was a shock, especially learning how expensive a pet with health problems is!

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