First Happy Mail of 2017!

I think I need to stop making assumptions. About anything. I assumed the post box would be a hollow, echo-y cave for the next week or two (post Christmas mail is sooooo slow). Lo and behold!


Happy mail from Kayla Rosen!

Kayla actually emailed me and let me have my pick of one zine – and boy was that hard to choose. I am so happy, though, because this is definitely a zine I could do well with reading right now. Kayla puts it best:

In my experience, affirmations are most powerful when they also acknowledge how unpleasant reality can be. I want affirmations that can meet me in the pit of hopelessness and despair to lift me up a little, not ones that ask me to wish or believe my way out.

So ready to dive in.

I hope everyone is having an awesome week!


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