Zine Review: Let’s Communicate!


Let’s Communicate!
Text by Misha (m.murasovs@gmail.com)
Illustration by Babs (basiahurnik@gmail.com)

Atomic entanglement. I bet you never thought you’d read those words in a zine.

Let’s Communicate! is about – you guessed it: communication. From the atomic to the cosmic, there are levels of communication you may have never known about and amazing questions humanity has yet to answer about how it all works.

Aethetically, this zine is absolutely lovely. It has a smooth, thicker cover with adorable little cell-like creatures decorating the inside front and the back. This zine is full colour, but I love the focus on blue. It’s calming and inviting. The art is a fun mic of adorable and childlike with other parts being skilled and precise.

I think what I love the most about this zine (beyond how lovely it looks and feels) is that I get this feeling of pure passion and awe from the writing. The person who wrote this is truly amazed by this universe of ours, and that feeling really comes through. While I have always had a passing interest in physics, reading about this kind of stuff in this form had me even more interested.

You might not think a science-y zine is for you, but I still recommend giving this zine a shot. It’s lovely to look and and brings up a lot of interesting things to think about.

It makes me wish for a part two!

*Special note: You might want to double-check the emails if you can because I’m not 100% sure that I’ve read them correctly on the zine.

4 Replies to “Zine Review: Let’s Communicate!”

  1. wonderful review here. i received a copy of this zine and good god it is cool as hell. reminds me of them wonderful cartoons they showed us kids at school . . . where they’d teach us science with a bit of humor and fun little characters. get this zine!!

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