Zine Review: Kackle Issue 3D Skull Water


Kackle Issue 3D Skull Water
By Bruce Wilson

A zine that comes with 3D glasses? Yes, please!


Skull Water is a short horror story zine with the addition of some 3D illustrations to go with the story. The story takes place in the mountains with a sweet old couple and their adult son. I’m not sure if the moral of the story is not to mess with nature or ‘love can be both beautiful and disgusting’…

I’m an editor by nature (and by qualification these days), so I rarely read a piece of fiction without finding something to nitpick. Overall, though, it’s a fun (for horror) short story with an ending that made me literally chuckle out loud. It’s a story that someone with a bit of dark, crude humour will enjoy.

The images are well done, but the focus still remains on the story instead of the 3D. What I mean by that is the images add a great amount of fun and dimension to the zine on the whole, but, in the end, it’s still about the story. They complemented the story, as good illustrations do.

The 3D aspect to this zine is another great example of you only being limited by your imagination when it comes to making zines. Why not make a 3D zine or something else entirely? That this came with the 3D glasses gave that sort of ‘bonus prize’ feeling upon first receiving it.

I quite enjoyed this and greatly appreciated the laugh.

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