What a Monday!

Hello, Monday!

This has been one of those starts to the week that leaves me wondering what in the world the rest of the week has in store. It started with Wanderer planning to take care of some important things in Melbourne… but he forgot his phone. He was going to get a later train but figured out how to sort things from home, blah blah blah.

On top of that, I have been going, going, going with both zine and non-zine work.


I spent most of the morning proofing Don’t Call Me Cupcake 7 – and boy did it needs some edits. I like to print off a physical proofing copy because there’s some things that are just easier to catch on the page.


I am prepping at full speed for the Melbourne Art Book Fair coming up on the 16th-19th. I’m happy to be a lot calmer than I was about Festival of the Photocopier last year, but there’s still a lot to be nervous about! I’m channeling all my anxiety into work energy. So much folding to do!


In non-zine work, I’m just finishing up a baby book a friend of mine ordered. They are time-consuming to make but pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


The final bit thing I had to do that I actually finished just a couple hours ago is a napkin fold thank you card for a friend in Melbourne. These can be a bit of a headache at times (mostly if the 12×12 cardstock you buy is a little off in the actual measurements), but they sure to turn out pretty.


All opened up…

That’s me for this busy, busy Monday. I hope your start to the week has been a lot calmer than mine.

5 Replies to “What a Monday!”

    1. Every time I make one of those, I think “Emma might like to make one of these” and then forget to tell you! Here’s a video for how to make one (though I switch things up a little bit in that I like to have more variety in the little triangles. (If you compare hers and mine, you’ll see what I mean.) https://youtu.be/JF_6TL9bhqQ

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      1. Haha, do I have a reputation for liking fancy folds xD Definitely going to try make one of these cards now – could be good for mother’s day seeing as that’s coming up this month (determined to not let it sneak up on me like it usually does :D)

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