Zine Review: how it feels now

how it feels now
Carrie Mercer

‘how it feels now’ is a full colour, 22 page quarter sized zine about the 2016 US election and Donald Trump’s presidency.

In this zine, Carrie is so distraught by Trump’s being elected that she can’t bear to refer to him as anything other than DT. She talks about the American people, her worries for her LGBTQ friends, the future of women’s rights, and more.

Carrie pulls no punches, not hesitating to speak her mind about how she feels regarding the election and possible ramifications. She moves back and forth between anger and concern – something I imagine many Americans are still teetering between the two. Without speaking of politics directly, I can’t help but feel for her in her frustration and fear.

There is a bright spot to be found in the self-care list to help lift your spirits at the end. I love lists and self-care topics, but I think this one goes to show a lot that Carrie still positivity and strength even when she’s feeling such strong things.

Carrie give a great example of readability in handwriting. It was easy to read, and the mix of text with cut and paste made for an over all enjoyable zine in both look and content.

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