Happy Mail – Snail Mail Edition (+ Bonus Puns)

Happy mail!

It’s a public holiday here in Victoria, but I got out to the post box on Friday and found some wonderful goodies waiting for me. Yes, mail is still just as (if not more so) exciting as it was when I was a kid. I love it so much!

First up is a lovely postcard from one of the contributors to Umbrella – the PCOS zine sent as a thank you for the zine. That’s so sweet, and it truly brightened my day.

This zine comes all the way from Singapore – and check out that envelope art. Hehe. It’s so fun to see unexpected colours, drawings or other envelope art. This zine is actually a short screenplay – a first of its kind for zines I’ve read.

(PS. Get it? Snail mail? Snaaaaail mail? 🙂 )

The last piece of fun mail to come my way is from my penpal Misti. I hated to bend the letter like that, but I had to show you what she did! She actually turned her letter into a little booklet with the map serving as the cover. What a cool idea, yes?

That’s me for now. A busy week ahead prepping for the zine fair in Melbourne on Friday.

Many, many thanks to those who take the time and effort to brighten my post box and my day.

One Reply to “Happy Mail – Snail Mail Edition (+ Bonus Puns)”

  1. Glad you like The Other Side! I do a little drawing for everyone to make it their very own letter, adds some colours to people’s lives.

    Anyone interested in the zine can message me on instagram @tehaoboon or email me at haoboon@hotmail.com ! Hope to have more people check out my zine!


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