Happy Mail Monday – Variety Edition!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to send out even more mail so I can have more weeks like this. Hehe. ^_^

A letter from Chris arrived early last week and was such a nice surprise. We’ve been exchanging zines, so I assumed that he’d send whenever he had a zine to send. Lo and behold, he sent a letter to keep in touch between projects.

Sober Booooooooob! I was not expecting this zine at all (special surprise mail booty dance), and it took a lot of will power to not drop everything I was doing at the time to sit down and read this one. I mean, that title! As someone who enjoys Sober Bob’s Instagram videos, I am completely certain I’m going to enjoy this zine just as much.

More Sober Bob mail! I have a little conspiracy theory when it comes to sending mail between Queensland and Victoria, so I wasn’t expecting these for a while. Yet here they are!

Anyway, Sober Bob makes stickers (and pins! – I have a magpie to commemorate my first ever concussion (caused by a magpie)) and, well, I do really love stickers… Hehe. Anyway, get in contact with Sober Bob on Facebook to have a peek and get your own pack. Free postage in Australia!

Last but certainly not least is a lovely thank you postcard. I’m thinking I need to make or get some postcards because it’s such a nice little thing to receive in the mail, and I always have plenty of people to thank for their awesomeness.

Especially all the wonderful people who send me mail! Many, many thanks as always.

See you tomorrow with more zine-y goodness.

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