Zine Review: Catzine

Maria (Fafa) Jaepelt
IG: @catarinacomixfestival
Catarina Comix Festival Page

For today’s review, I have something quite different for you. Henry got in contact on my Sea Green Zines Facebook page and asked if I was interested in comic zines from Brazil (Brasil). My answer was a big, big yes, but the only thing was that they were in Portuguese. I’m afraid that English is the only language I’m fluent in.

However, Henry wasn’t worried about it, so I decided that I shouldn’t be worried either. Plus, cats!

I decided that this would be a fun and interesting opportunity to see how much I could get out of a zine even if I couldn’t understand the language. Would images be enough to enjoy it? Would I be able to understand what was happening in the comics based on what was shown in setting, expressions, and other body language?

I opened the zine up to a flutter of leaves falling out onto my lap, and I must admit that I was a little confused until I took another look at the zine cover. Only then did I really note the leaves blowing around the cat, who had a scarf on and a warm mug of something. Then I must admit that I laughed.

Perhaps not something I would appreciate as much has I opened it on the bus or something, but I do love the touch – especially as it goes so well with the cover (and the fact that it’s autumn here right now).

Because I didn’t understand the words, I knew that the art style would have to carry things for me, and that it absolutely did. The art style of this zine is absolutely engaging and lovely. Both Maria and Henry (Henry had one comic included) have styles that are very detailed while at the same time being very easy on the eyes.

I would love to have a print of this page:

(Posted with permission from the zine creator.)

Not understanding the words didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the zine. It didn’t take words to understand the story of someone intent on getting one cat and then ending up with two, three, five, more… Though perhaps the love I have for cats helped in that understanding.

The one thing I didn’t see was anything resembling contact details or a website/store. Even though zines aren’t something to get into for the money, I feel like zine creators – especially artists – are shutting out some positive possibilities by not including any contact details.

For the curious – yes, I did get the English versions later and still loved everything just the same. As it turned out, I’d guessed the context fairly well for the most part.

Whether you get the Portuguese version or wait for the English version, if you love cats, I think you’ll love this zine.

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