Zine Review: Getting Over It

Getting Over It… When Other People Are Total Assholes or You’re Just Tired of Your Own Bullshit
Dr Faith G Harper

Getting Over Is a zine about ways to get past the things that are holding you back – whether it’s from other people or from within yourself.

When I picked this up, I did so for the ‘or you’re just tired of your own bullshit’ portion of things, but I like that there is an acknowledgement of both internal and external things we have to get past in our lives.

The zine starts off with the difference between an emotion and a mood. I think this is an important distinction to make for general knowledge but especially for identifying the problems that this zine can possibly help with.

It’s been a while since I’ve read one of Dr Harper’s zines, so I’d forgotten the occasional swearing and the ‘no bubble wrap here’ approach to things. The advice is the right mix of steel and understanding for me, but if you prefer a softer approach (nothing wrong with that), this zine might be a bit full on for you.

There were a few things that were difficult to read, but it’s not always easy admitting how much power we really have in our lives. Much easier to focus on what is out of our hands.

Did I find this zine helpful? Yes. The very first ‘tip’ – What story are you telling yourself about the situation? – was the most helpful in an ‘it’s not about you’ way.

I can see this zine pissing some people off. I felt my anger rise in reaction before I caught myself and realised that I was reacting defensively to what I was thinking rather than to what I was actually reading. If you think this zine will be of use to you, I think it will.

PS. So many things for not saying that blasted phrase I hate so much: “Someone else has it worse”

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