Zine Review: Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments

Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments
Rebecca Sheedy
IG: @rebeccasheeeedy @mildscribbling

Keith Conlon’s Unauthorised Guide to North Adelaide Establishments is an illustrated review zine highlighting the pros and cons of some of North Adelaide’s eating establishments.

I must admit to a bit of fangirl glee when I saw this zine because not only do I love Rebecca Sheedy’s art but because (knock on wood) I’ll be moving not too far from Adealide later this year and am quite eager to collect recommendations.

I’ve already mentioned a few times how much I love Rebecca’s art style, so let’s just say when I love something, I really love something.

This zine is everything I want in a review – it lists the good, the neutral, and the bad concisely, and it’s illustrated. (I would absolutely love to see more illustrated review zines. It adds a whole new level to the whole thing.) Rebecca’s use of detail suits this so well – even down to the pro/neutral/con circles being coloured in with green/orange/red.

I literally (and yes, I know how to use that word properly) laughed out loud when I realised that the overall ‘out of five’ rating for each establishment was made up of Keith Conlon heads. I found myself hoping that Keith had or would soon come across this zine and be as delighted with it as I am.

I am also now tempted to rate things ‘out of five zine ninjas’.

The thing I wasn’t expecting and thus appreciated all the more was the humour in the review of the Royal Oak Hotel. I really don’t want to spoil it, though, so I’ll merely say thanks for the smile.

Alas, baked goods are my siren’s call, so I will be trying Bakery on O’Connell when I’m in the area.

If you’re dismissing this zine because you’re not and will likely never be in Adelaide, then definitely check out Rebecca’s other zines.

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