No Mail Monday – Exhausting Days Ahead

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Alas, no mail this week, but after last week’s mail extravaganza, I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Last week I asked for your help deciding on a zine title. The poll is still open, if you’d like to weigh in. However, I’m fairly decided on the title (with the weight of the Twitter poll results thrown into the mix with these results). Funnily enough, it’s the title I’d decided on ages ago but suddenly got panicky about last week.

Weird ol’ Nyx brain strikes again.

On another note, if you have a ‘my first zine’ story you’d like to share, I’d love to include it in the aforementioned zine. 🙂

Things are a bit stressful around here. Wanderer had a small op – just a day surgery – but recovery is slow and painful. Moreso than either of us expected and in a way that leaves him fully occupied with recovering. Top that off with our upcoming rental inspection – a panic-attack inducing event that comes twice a year – and I am struggling to stay calm and relaxed. There’s always so much to do, and now there is a big ol’ load of things to do on top of that.

The silver lining is that all the work needing doing keeps me moving. With winter gearing up and gas an expensive luxury, keeping warm in other ways is a very good thing.

Well, as per always, there are many things to be done. I will leave things here for now and wish you all the best possible week ahead.

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