Rental Inspection Eve

See? I am learning. I didn’t make firm plans to post on Tuesday or today because I knew my rental inspection (a mere 15 hours away, but who is counting?) would cause a lot of stress and anxiety. And here we are! No promises broken – though my own personal disappointment because how dare the world tear me away from my love of zines?!

I wanted to say thank you for your patience. With Wanderer’s long recovery complicated by a nasty cold and this inspection, I have been all over the place.

The epitome of this? This arvo I ran around doing errands for a bit and only fully realised in the middle of getting groceries that my knickers that were only a couple months ago too small are now too big. With a tight belt holding up my pants because they are also now too big, you can imagine the wonderful time I had completing my errands.

On that fun note, I’ll wrap this up. I’ll be back tomorrow post-inspection with a fresh new zine review for you. ❤

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