Zine Review: Bluez

Fafa Jaepelt, Patricia Breccia, Sandro Andrade, Earl Oldman, Adao de Lima Junior, Michel Garcia Sanches, Henry Jaepelt
IG: @catarinacomixfestival
Catarina Comix Festival Page

And now for something a little different! Like with Catzine, I am not at all familiar with Portuguese but was very curious to find out what translated through images and how it lined up when I translated the text.

Bluez is a collection of comics by various artists, all of which centre around a darker, soulful theme of ‘blues’ than you may be thinking of.

I’ll say straight from the start that there is beautiful, detailed art in this zine. I am in such awe of the talent contained within these pages, and I was stuck on the first page for a long time because the image is so gorgeous that I didn’t want to stop looking at it. So lovely. It’s all also very well suited to black and white.

So it’s with a very heartfelt plea that future issues of this zine have contact details, blog pages, instagram accounts… anything so people can check out more work by these artists because they are so talented!

It was very interesting to see what I could ‘get’ from the comics before translating the words. True to the musical genre they were channeling, the art is deep, a little dark at times, and very soulful. Little did I know!

Google Translate has its faults, but I was able to get a fair gist of the meaning. There was already a sort of darkness to the art, but the words added a new layer of intensity. As the reader, it was a strange experience to get these ‘layers’ separately rather than together. Strange in a very good way, though.

I definitely recommend checking this zine out – even if you have to make use of Google Translate. There’s something about the art that has really captured me.

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