Zine Review: The Screever Issue Eleven Spring ’17

The Screever Issue Eleven Spring ’17
Lee and Nat
IG: @thescreeverzine

I was a little bit nervous when The Screever got in contact about their punk zine because music isn’t my strong point. But they were willing to give me a chance, and I’m so glad they did.

The Screever is a little punk zine chock full of all kinds of fun stuff.

There’s something really satisfying about a chunky little zine. You know it’s going to be chock full, and it’s all waiting there for you to read it. The Screever certainly doesn’t disappoint, with ‘variety’ being the special word of the evening. There’s plenty to enjoy.

The Screever includes interviews, reviews, and even recipes! There’s even variety within those categories as well. With the interviews, Screever chats with a musician, film maker, zine makers, and a record label. The reviews include reviewing books, music and zines.

I may not have been able to finish my degree in graphic communications, but I do remember a few things. Layout-wise, this is a very visually appealing zine. Interviews in three-column pages, articles in one column and so forth… Visual consistency in combination with the variety of contents is a pleasing thing – even if we don’t consciously realise it.

Credit where credit is due – and The Screever is good at giving credit. The photo credits, contributor links, and the like are all oh so readable.

On a side note, I love the little things, and you can bet that I was thrilled to see puzzles included in there. Sudoku!

Even better yet, lovely readers, they’re open for contributions!

Check out this zine. You may end up agreeing with me, you may end up disagreeing, but check it out anyway.

PS. I read introductions! I also like reading project updates, so keep them coming.

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