International Zine Month 2017: Day 1

It’s IZM2017, and that means 31 days of zine-related activities. Starting us off on day one…

1. Make a Top 10 List of reasons why you love zines.

1. I like to pet them. Ahem.

  1. Zines are DIY. Like a lot of people, I see all the pretty craft projects and want to make them but can’t because I don’t have blah blah blah. Zines? Zine are DIY. They’re a piece of paper or a word document. A marker or a pen. A collage or a carefully crafted layout. Have at it!
  2. Anyone can make them. There’s no membership fee, no minimum age, no secret handshake… If you want to make a zine, you can! A lot of people make zines before they’ve even heard of the word zine. It’s a party, and everyone is invited.
  3. If you can’t find your genre/topic, you can start it. Last year I spent a lot of time looking around for a zine on PCOS. Not finding one, I decided to go ahead and make my own! Even better, someone who saw my zine pointed to me to another zine about PCOS. Win win.
  4. Zines bring people together. I have met such amazing people through zines. If zines were personified, I would give zines a big hug, some Tim Tams, and my neverending thanks. Whether I introduced them to zines or they introduced me to something zine-related, I truly adore so many people I have connected with through zines.
  5. You can express yourself without permission from the mainstream. When I was growing up, I thought that mainstream publishers were the only way I’d ever express anything. The trouble was that I had so much to say that would never sell enough to make a publisher interested. Finding zines was a true ‘mind blown’ moment. Years later, I still get soooo excited about the prospect of being able to write about anything.
    And read about anything, too!
  6. They come in unlimited varieties of shapes and sizes. Binding and buttons and printing and paper. Okay, so I don’t know about the buttons, but I like alliteration. I have read zines folded like origami and seen zines the size of posters. There’s no limit for what and how you create.
  7. They’re not expensive. I feel a bit squidgy mentioning this one, but it really is a factor. I can get a brand new, lovely, handmade zine to read for a dollar or two, and it’s mine to keep. Or share.
    At those prices, I’m less precious about keeping it to myself. (Only a little, though. I’m a zine hoarder collector.)
  8. Zines make me feel challenged and safe at the same time. If you’ve been reading here for a while, y’all know I’m a squishy marshmallow person. Zines help me to explore the world through others’ eyes and challenge my perspectives while making it possible for me to stay comfortable at the same time.
  9. Zines are great teachers! Yes, there’s the grain of salt thing, but there is so much to learn
  10. Because I do. Before you start yelling ‘cop out!’ for my number 10, I just want to say that there are wordless ways to love and appreciate, and I have that kind of love and appreciation for zines.

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