Zine Review: Shit’s Fucked #2

Shit’s Fucked #2
Iggy Nicklbottum ft. art by Tahnee Marie
IG: @shitsux

With a Ouija/Spirit Board as its centrefold, Shit’s Fucked #2 is a full-colour glossy zine filled with articles, stories, and art featuring the strange, spooky, and downright evil.

I knew going in that Shit’s Fucked was going to be a bit different compared to my usual reading, but I did not know how much. If I had ten seconds to describe it, I would say that it’s jam-packed with all sorts of fun things for the horror enthusiast.

There’s even an advice column for all your supernatural and spiritual queries.

I really enjoyed reading through this zine. The writing style is great – even for articles that, written differently, would have been on the dry side. There’s a great twisted humour mixed in with even with researched pieces. (And the researched pieces come with sources listed!) The first piece on spirit boards was even more interested than I thought it would be.

The serial killer profile reminded me of a guilty pleasure of mine – a series of YouTube videos all about serial killers. What a great addition to a zine like this one.

It’s not all facts and history, though, with some twisted fiction to enjoy as well.

There are plenty of fun little bits and pieces amongst the articles and art. I’m not sure which is my favourite – the spooky ‘Missed Connections’ spot or ‘Iggy’s Date Ideas’. Both are… unique. (Be sure to read the disclaimer on the back inside cover when it comes to the date ideas.)

And talk about cut and past. This is not a zine that is precious about itself; it invites you to cut up the covers! The back cover has a membership form to cut out, and the front cover has a planchette to cut out and use on the spirit board centrefold!

Shit’s Fucked has well and truly earned a place on my list of zines that flew far above my initial expectations. If you like spooky things, if you have a darker sense of humour, if you like horror films… If you’re in the general area of being into any of that sort of things, then definitely pick this zine up.

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