Happy Mail Monday – Last Bendigo Edition

Hello, zine friends! I hope you all are doing very well.

Today is my last Happy Mail Monday in my current place of residence. Not my last Monday – but more on all that good stuff in my ‘what’s happening’ post tomorrow. Today is for celebrating the awesome happy mail that has come my way!

The first bit of lovely happy mail is a set of three mini-zines from Graham all the way over in England! These were a trade set up back in International Zine Month. I’m so glad they arrived, as I was a little bit worried they’d get lost in the mail redirect. You can’t tell very well in the picture, but they even arrived in their own mini-zine-sized plastic pocket! I must get myself some of those. What a great way to add a little protection for your zines. I already love the cream-coloured paper, too. I’m eager to check them out.

Thank you, Graham!

Zines from Belgium! This gorgeous zine assortment came from Jessica Maybury who has my favourite Twitter handle ever @codenamewallaby. These zines came as yet another wonderful IZM zine swap. I really need to put out more calls to swap more often because I’m having so much fun with them.

Thank you, Jess!

Last we have a gorgeous assortment of zines that I am so excited about from the one and only Nina from Echo Publishing. Nina and I worked out a trade, and I had the opportunity to pick these five awesome zines from Nina’s awesome catalogue of zines. (Check it out! There are so many!) Of course I had to pick ‘In Movement’ for one because of my current (soon to be ending, thank goodness) moving house woes. I can’t thank Nina enough for this trade, and I look forward to another soon!


You all know by now how much I absolutely adore mail coming my way – especially zine mail. The happy mail this week were all trades, but expecting the mail doesn’t make it any less lovely. Things have been really rough over the past week, which makes me appreciate not only all the gorgeous mail but the wonderful, supportive comments so nice, too. It’s easy to get distracted by the disco lights of my own pity party, and all this makes things feel so much better.

Thank you all!


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