What’s Happening?

Hello, zine friends!

It’s only eight sleep until my big move, and my brain is pretty mush! (Who knew that mail redirections had to be so complicated. Thanks AusPost.) So what’s happening!

I’ve had the address up for a few days now, but I’ve put the mail redirection in, so it’s all go now! I won’t close the box until next week just to catch anything coming through before the redirection hits, but that’s not far away now, my friends. The redirection lasts for three months, so don’t worry if you’ve sent something and know it won’t arrive this week.

Paper Currency, my beloved project, a zine about zines, is complete! ❤ I made the time to put it together, print, and sew all the contributor copies because they have been waiting long enough as it is. I will launch it properly when I'm settled in my new place.

The same goes for Don't Call Me Cupcake 8. 🙂

I think that's it for me now. Please feel free to remind me of anything I may be forgetting! I hope you all are doing well and have a wonderful week ahead!


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