Zine Review: In Movement

In Movement

I would describe this zine, but really, Nina already has it handled on the cover. In Movement is…

A 24-hour zine about moving and finding a home

I’m not a stickler for descriptions like I am about contact details, but there is certainly something to be said about having the description right up front. You don’t even have to open the zine (but why wouldn’t you – it’s a zine!) to have an idea of what you’re getting.

However I do believe that I am getting ahead of myself.

Nina takes you through the process of moving through reflection pieces, tips from friends (love this idea!) about making a new space home, lists, and even brief summaries of other zines about moving.

I do have a long-standing love of lists, but the reflections resonated with me. I like how Nina mentions how moving is both a physical and an emotional process. Nina’s desire for one’s own space and the desire to feel safe are something I have longed for for a long time.

Later in the lists section with the list of fears, I found myself nodding right along. Even though I live with Wanderer, I worry about taking care of all the “adult” stuff and whether I will be lonely. (So far so good on *not* having noisy neighbours. Win!)

The aesthetic of this zine is definitely cut and paste, but it’s not at all overwhelming or distracting from the words. I like how the backgrounds are house/home related with everything from maps to boxes to houses. The zine itself is wrapped up with lovely blue yarn that matches the tree on the front cover. The pages did get a little squiggly with the binding going around but not through, but the fact that I was taking it with me from room to room with various other things definitely contributed to the squiggling.

I do have to give a smile to this little symbol drawn on the inside corner. Something about the idea of a ‘Belgium 24 Hour Zines’ stamp really made me smile.

This is absolutely only a review of this zine, but I did want to bring up the point about how fun it was for me to have more than one zine by the same zinemaker. A few things referenced in this zine were also mentioned in Scissors & Chainsaws, and I really enjoyed that sense of continuity and connection between zines with different subjects.

I wish I had made the time to sit down and read this zine before I moved because I found it comforting to read like chatting with a friend about the frustrations of moving. That being said, reading it after the fact is just as lovely, and this zine is a big inspiration in regards to making a zine about my own move.

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