Zine Review: Conversation to Falafels

Conversation to Falafels
Meeni Levi

Conversation to Falafels is a full-colour mini-zine about being small (and maybe a couple other things that are flying over my head?).

Meeni writes about hating feeling small but the point being that some days Meeni doesn’t hate being small. Read that one carefully, because I’m not sure I am going to explain myself adequately with this one. In writing, I really like being set up for one thing but then having that flipped on its head. Within the space of one page, Meeni sets up talking about sometimes hating being small but then flips it to the logical conclusion: sometimes not hating being small. Suddenly we launch into not the hating of it (as expected) but rather the times that Meeni doesn’t hate it. A small but important reversal.

The writing in this zines very poetic. (Perhaps not surprising as ‘poet and zinester’ is part of the bio Meeni includes.) It’s lyrical so much as expressing things that can make you think beyond the actual words on the page. I do feel like a couple bits went over my head. I don’t know if I’m just not picking up the imagery or not understanding for some other reason, but I have reread the entire mini-zine a few times and those spots still mystify me.

Conversations to Falafels is lovely to look at. I like the use of different colours, and Meeni’s handwriting is easy to read. But the big thing I really love and absolutely have to point out is how Meeni did the ‘about me’ and contact details.

They are inside the mini-zine!

When you unfold this zine, you find a collage page with a bit about Meeni as well as a couple links. I won’t take a picture of it because I feel like that would ruin the surprise, but I adore this so, so much. I always feel like I’ve found the secret toy surprise when I take a peek and find that that other side of a mini-zine has been printed as well. Hidden away for those who choose to look further. Fun fun.

While some of the writing did lose me, I enjoyed this mini-zine. If you like poetry and deciphering imagery, I think you’re going to like it.

PS. When I first picked up this zine, I missed the ‘to’ and thought the title was ‘Conversation Falafels’. I spent a few minutes wondering what they were and making up other phrases like ‘discussion avocados’ and ‘chat roti’. (This is what I do. I make assumptions, and it never ends well.)

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