Happy Mail Monday: Sneaky Tea Edition

Hello, zine friends! I hope you’ve had a beautiful start to the week. It’s a bit toasty around these parts, but it is spring after all.

Now you’re probably wondering how tea can be sneaky, so let’s get into this week’s beautiful zine mail!

Please don’t let my lack of skill with my camera take away from how gorgeous this card and envelope is. It’s so pretty with so much green!

Emma from Puddleside Musings was so kind to send me a card to brighten my day as well as help me relax with some tea. There was another packet of tea as well, but I may have already indulged before I took the picture… (What? I like vanilla chai. Hehe.)

This sneaky tea is sneaky because usually customs gets really cranky and sends me mean letters when people send me tea (Australia says no to tea – go figure), but these two came through! They did open the envelope, the cheeky people, but the tea managed to arrive in my post box safe and sound.

Therefore, I have dubbed them sneaky teas – but not so sneaky that they can escape me. (I’m looking at you, cinnamon tea!)

Thank you so much to Emma who sent me such lovely mail all the way from Ireland. It made my day and was relaxing as well.

That’s me for today! I have something a little different for you all tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check it out. Until then!


4 thoughts on “Happy Mail Monday: Sneaky Tea Edition

  1. Wow, didn’t realise I shouldn’t be sending tea to Australia! Thought individually packaged teas would be fine because everything’s sealed up. I know better for the future now to lower chances of things not arriving but at least these ones got to you and I’m glad you like them 🙂 The vanilla chai is one of my favourites too. The cinnamon one can be a bit strong but it smells gorgeous!


    • The cinnamon smells sooo good.

      Australia is a bit weird with tea. They’ll let it through (in my experience) even though they get really grumpy about it. I think the individual packaging definitely helped insofar as at least I didn’t get a mean letter. XD It would have still been worth it, though. Vanilla chai for the win!

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      • If you ever want something to smell of cinnamon, just stick it in a small box with that teabag for a bit, seriously, I happened to store some washi tapes in a box with some tea bags and now a chunk of them smell of cinnamon 😀 (I also had some washi tapes in with tealights and now they smell fruity so I just have lots of scented tape now!)
        Haha, okay, so take the risk with individually wrapped tea bags. I think I do need to check what is and isn’t allowed to be sent to Australia, Australia seems the most strict on these things. A friend of mine is moving to Australia for a year next year and I told her I’d send her care packages, would be useful to know what I can send!


  2. Scented washi tape. I love it! 😀

    Definitely check out the customs page. I get care packages from the States and have had many laughs with other expats regarding the weird things customs get fussy about over here. Someone sent me a box of tape up and I received a very beat up box with customs tape all over it and a letter about what’s allowed and not allowed to Australia. 😛 Tea of all things. It boggles the mind.

    Best of luck and adventure to your friend!


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