Happy Mail Monday: Zine Bliss Edition

Hello, zine friends! I hope the start of your week is going well and that the weather is fine where you are.

The weather is all kinds of gorgeous here in this beautiful springtime. It’s so nice to be living in a place quiet enough to hear birdsong! I’m having a hard time focusing on getting anything done. Haha.

It’s not hard to focus enough to share the lovely mail that has come my way this week, however!

I couldn’t stop smiling the day this arrived in the mail. I remembered seeing Ashley’s zines at We Make Zines and making a mental note to check them out further. WELL, turns out I really need to write everything down, because I hadn’t gotten in touch with Ashley by the time these zines arrived in my post box. What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you so much, Ashley. I’ll be replying to your note soon. ^_^

Woohoo! All the way from the UK. This zine order has been sitting in wishlist land ever since someone told me about Holly Casio’s PCOS zine ‘Joining the Dots’. I figured I’d pop a few more things in my online trolly as well while I was at Holly’s zine shop, and this bundle of goodness arrived today!

Talk about wanting to drop everything and start reading zines. Hehe.

Completely unexpected zine mail from the US! At least, I think it’s a zine. Definitions are very flexible in this arena, and it is four unbound, single-sided pages, but you can’t miss the cut and paste visuals. ^_^ There was no note or anything inside, so it’s a very mysterious happy mail arrival. Haha.

Thank you, Jason!

Zine goodness from Queensland! Like Ashley, I swear Sober Bob is psychic because I’d seen a few photos that included these zines, and Sober Bob went and sent some to me. We’ve been talking trades and various zine event things, but these were so out of the blue and such a lovely surprise.

As always, grateful thanks to you Sober Bob.

And thank you to everyone who makes my post box and my world bubble a brighter, better place by sending me mail. It really is so lovely to open up that post box and see something inside. I’m smiling just posting about it.

That’s me for today, zine friends. Be sure to check in tomorrow. I have an extra special little something to share with you.

Until then.

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