#ZineWriMo Day 10 – Try Something New: Blackout Poetry

Hello, zine friends, and welcome to day 10 of ZineWriMo. Today is a day for trying something new.

Blackout poetry isn’t new to a lot of you, but if anyone is unfamiliar:

Blackout poems can be created using the pages of old books or even articles cut from yesterday’s newspaper. Using the pages of an existing text, blackout poets isolate then piece together single words or short phrases from these texts to create lyrical masterpieces.


So that’s it. You take (make copies of) articles or passages from books – basically whatever text you want – and then black out words to make the remaining words mean something new.

I chose to make a copy of the info sheet for one of my meds and a copy of the first page of my third novel, Dark Echoes.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous. But once I got started…

I ended up with three, but I really could have kept going on for ages. It gets to be fun, finding alternate messages within text. I will definitely be doing this again.

Did you give blackout poetry a go? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments.

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