Happy Mail Monday – Trades Edition


Hello and happy (mail) Monday to everyone. It’s my favourite day of the week where I get to share the beautiful bits and bobs that brightened my days by landing in my post box and thank those who were so generous to mail things to me.

Zine trades! This pack of zine-y goodness comes from Nina in Belgium who has quickly become a regular zine trade partner. ^_^ A little pleasure of mine is being able to get the entire series when I find a zine I like, and I’m slowly trading my way to having all issues of Same Heartbeats.

Definitely check out her blog – Echo Publishing – because she’s just finished her latest zine Same Heartbeats 12 as a part of ZineWrimo. (And she has so many other zines to check out, too!)

Thank you for trading with me, Nina!

How cute is the little bunny?! So adorable.

This set of three wasn’t a trade and thus was a lovely surprise from Rae in sunny Queensland in Australia. I’m so excited to connect with more Australian zinemakers. (Especially ones who like cute stickers. 😉 ) Rae also happens to be a part of the Hanging Affair zine exhibition, so if you’re in/around Brisbane on December 1st, check it out!

Thank you, Rae!

I am slowly working my way through my ‘once I’ve moved’ wishlist, and I am very excited to cross off ‘Trade with Pen Fight Distro‘. It started as ‘order from’ but when I realised that my order would cost just as much as shipping over some zines for a trade, I figured a trade could be just as fun.

Pen Fight agreed!

They even threw in this badge that I really love!

Thank you so much to Pen Fight Distro for trading with me and for everyone who has made my little world bubble a happier space with the mail they send.

I’ll be back in a tic with ZineWriMo Day 20.


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